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Our team works hard getting results for our clients but we also know the importance of having fun, of being a team outside of the work.  We hope you enjoy our candid shots, just browse the gallery.

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Our team is not only active members within our business but also active members of their communities and yours.  From fundraising to volunteering, never doubt the massive impact that some time and effort can contribute to a worthy cause.
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Riding to raise funds in the fight against cancer

We are proud to announce that Scott Ayles, Lending Specialist, will be joining the Finance Brokers Ride to Conquer Cancer  with the hope of raising $150,000 in funds supporting the Ride to Conquer Cancer.
Scott will be riding for lost family, lost friends and for all others who have, or still are, suffering from cancer. So many of us have been touched by this dreadful disease.

He will also be riding in support of those that have survived in the hope that there will be more conquerors of cancer. 
Please consider providing your support by making a donation today -
Note: 100% of funds are donated to researching a cure for cancer (Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research)

In partnership with Burch Family Wines, who are helping Scott's team to raise funds by making available their incredible wines at amazingly low prices, an EOFY Wine Offer is available. These are fully labelled wines, and the Lucky Dip Dozen is especially good value as you are also guaranteed to receive 1 Howard Park labelled wine!

Please click the order button below, complete the form and return it Scott ([email protected]) by midday Friday 29th June. $2 from each bottle will go towards the fundraising efforts – so you can enjoy some fantastic wine with the knowledge that you are also supporting a great cause!


  1. Managing Director

Scott Ayles


Ride to Conquer Cancer – 2018

Passionate about Relay For Life

Relay For Life is a fundraising event managed by the Cancer Council. Different events are held all over Australia and other parts of the world.  It is a 24 hour non-stop relay symbolising how Cancer never stops and neither does our hope to beat it.  Teams come together and take turns in passing a team baton that must not stop moving around the track.  The baton stops only during a candelight ceremony while we remember those we have lost.

Julia's involvement in Relay For Life began as a simple request from a friend who needed some helpers to set up camp for the night and maybe do some laps to let other team members rest up.  Since then, along with her team, she has managed to raise over $24,000 for the Cancer Council and shows no signs of stopping.

In 2018, Julia will be aiming even higher with a fundraising target of $4,000 for the Perth Relay For Life event run from Saturday 5th May to Sunday 6th May, we wish her all the best. If you would like to contribute to this worthy cause, donations can be made via the Team fundraising page - .

If you would like to get involved in a Relay For Life event, be sure to visit their website and search for a Relay For Life event near you.

Julia Roberts


Relay For Life (Captain) – Since 2011

Making a difference and climbing mountains

Peter has been sponsoring two children with World Vision for many years. Essentially so each of his two surviving children Brett and Stephanie has a brother or sister who is less fortunate than them and they be aware of the poverty in the world.
While Brett and Stephanie were at school, Peter has always been involved in assisting the schools, various sporting clubs and the Thomas Moore Church in their events and functions in numerous capacities be it, treasurer, manager, assistant coaches and the like
At the suggestion of Fran, Peter took up the position as a volunteer mentor for Many Rivers. He is currently mentoring Bradley Lindsay to grow his T-shirts and Hoods printing business and is committed to that cause  spending around 4 hours a month with Bradley for 2 years. Many Rivers offers Microfinance to small business owners who would not be able to obtain finance via the normal channels.
After noticing the loneliness of and the yearn for company by people in a home for the aged while making his weekly visits to his late father at the nursing home in Yokine, and at the suggestion of his old school friend Stephen Harris about volunteering to do same for Mercy Care, Peter now visits the aged at the Mercy Care’s retirement village in Wembley offering them some company and light hearted entertainment/events such as Bingo, Quiz shows etc.
It was via a chance meeting with Leila Chambers (nee  De Bruyne) back in 2013 whilst in Nepal that Peter became aware of Flying Kites, a not for profit organisation which raises funds to provide a home and education  for the young orphaned children in the remote communities of Kenya. Please visit for more information. The initial conversations with Leila were all about climbing Mt Kilimanjaro for which Flying Kites has been organizing the treks there for a while. In a way, it was a  no brainer, you get to climb Mt Kili and raise funds for a very good cause. With the help of his family and close friends, a significant amount of funds was raised, all of which will go directly to the children.
Peter went to Kenya and visited a little town called, Njabini where he met the students at the school built by Flying Kites. After witnessing the good work done by Flying Kites and meeting its extended family of many volunteers and staff, Peter ended up sponsoring Elias a year 5 orphaned student. They just clicked.
In case you are wondering… Yes, Peter made it to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro at 6.48 am on Wednesday 20 July 2016. While the achievement is quite significant in many ways as it was both physically and mentally very challenging, it was also a very timely reminder of how fortunate we are and to be grateful for so many things that we take for granted.

More importantly to give something back to the community. It doesn’t have to be financial. Just volunteering some of your time will bring joy to so many...
  1. Peter Kinsman - Mount Kilimanjaro
  2. Peter Kinsman - Flying Kites
  3. Peter Kinsman - Flying Kites
  4. Peter Kinsman - Flying Kites
  5. Peter Kinsman - Flying Kites
  6. Peter Kinsman - Flying Kites
  7. Peter Kinsman - Flying Kites
  8. Peter Kinsman - Flying Kites

Peter Kinsman

Many Rivers (Mentor) – Since 2016
Flying Kites (Sponsor) – Since 2016
Mercy Care (Volunteer) – Since 2016
World Vision (Sponsor) – Since 1995

Charity Support - Initiate Australia

We are proud to announce our ongoing support of Initiate Australia. They believe in supporting and entrusting local leadership, rather than enforcing their own ideas or agendas. Initiate Australia follows the methodology that local leaders and local communities have the voice that holds the key to transformation.

Initiate change to see all people free from poverty

Sustainable development with the world’s poorest individuals, families, and communities both within Australia and overseas

By investing in local initiatives, they empower local individuals, families, and communities to alleviate poverty.

Funds are raised through creativity, entrepreneurship, social business and strategic partnerships.

Initiate  Australia invest, through natural, human and capital resources, in sustainable development initiatives that promote social entrepreneurship and local solutions to the causes of poverty. They form partnerships with like-minded organizations to work cooperatively to better achieve the Company’s mission. 

Their goal is to engage, educate and equip people who share in their vision to ensure their ongoing success and positive impact on communities in need.

Initiate Australia currently have 27 projects in 8 countries having had an impact on 270,000 people so far.

Insight Financial Partners recently had the privilege of presenting a cheque to Initiate Australia for $2,500.

Stewart Blizard


Active Supporter - Initiate Australia
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